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Precision CNC Milling & Turning Electro Mechanical Assemblies

Nerjan Development Co. is a private, family-owned business located in Stamford Connecticut. Established in 1967, the company provides high quality, precision machining services for a variety of customers. Nerjan's many years of machining expertise includes the ability to do manual and CNC milling, turning, and drilling to customer provided specifications.

Customer products require Nerjan to machine a wide variety of metals and plastics to sensitive and accurate dimensions. Nerjan has strong working relationships with aircraft-industry approved support services such as platers and heat-treaters. Support services work to the latest MIL specifications allowing for quick turn-around time for both production and prototype work.

As a small business, Nerjan must remain responsive to its customers and adapt to changing industry needs to stay competitive. This includes implementing new technologies and achieving customer-driven quality requirements. The past few years have been challenging for manufacturing as more work continues to be off-shored. Nerjan has invested in new equipment and employee training and is beginning to see a slight increase in orders. See our "what's new" page to see the latest improvements to the facility.





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